​Wildy: Bring lower back the revenants


In mild of the maximum current RuneScape movement, Jagex stated that they had been taking into account changing the Threat machine. Why now no longer carry the revenants lower back?

I get that the danger mobs are supposed to simulate the hazard of pkers. However all they have got controlled to simulate is fc pkers logging in on pinnacle of you. It appears like a completely poorly fleshed out concept as it's now no longer rewarding, and it is now no longer predictable. It simplest serves as a minor annoyance to excessive stage gamers at quality, and a lethal one shot KO for low stage gamers.

My notion is to carry lower back the vintage revenant machine. Don't reinvent the wheel. Instead, a few upgrades may be made:

- Rebalance the problem of revenants to cause them to surely a danger.

- Rebalance the drop charge of current wildy/chaos ele log drops to account for the improved difficulty.

- Make the revenants roam the wildy, ideally in groups.

- Make the revenants competitive from afar, such that they may domestic in on gamers which can be inside a sure variety (despite the fact that the gamers might not see them but).

I see more than one upsides to this. Players can surely count on an oncoming danger, and possibly are extra incentivised to assignment those mobs for loot and log progression. At the identical time, it gets rid of the want to mindlessly camp forinthry dungeon for the historical warrior stuff or osrs gold. If want be, the historical warrior guns and armour also can be delivered to the wildy uncommon drop desk in which you've got got a small threat to get them from ordinary wildy slayer mobs. This makes it so you can actively assignment the empowered revenants for higher drop charges or do ordinary wildy slayer for a unprecedented threat on the wildy/chaos ele log drops.

What do you men suppose?