​WoTLK Classic: How do you heal


This would possibly sound just like the noobiest query however I've been gambling due to the fact that OG tbc and I've in no way healed stop recreation, I became a pinnacle-of-th-realm DPS, or even dabbled in tanking however I attempted recovery as soon as in TBC classic as a holy paladin and we simply saved wiping. That were given me questioning if I could not take care of that how might I hand a raid?Does all people have a intellectual system they type of undergo while casting heals or selecting precedence (manifestly tank however after that)? Do a few lessons precast heals while the goal is at a hundred% hp or do they commonly wait until their hp is under eighty% to store mana?

I attempted to google publications and all I get is rotations publications or how right of a healer magnificence X is. I'd like to present recovery a shot in Wotlk however I do not need to suck at it like I did in Classic TBC.

Where to begin? I bet standard matters that can practice to each raids and five guy's.

I skimmed via right here and noticed downranking mentioned, thats actually a part of it. Do a lil studies and also you ought to be capable of discover what the "quality" downranks are. I accept as true with its four and seven for holy mild assuming degree 70 pally.

Give tanks blessing of mild, they may stay with out kings (five mans)

I have a tendency to precast nearly continually. I actually have a holy mild covered up in any respect instances, if its now no longer wished I step cancel earlier than it is going of. I have a tendency to try this with a max rank heal, and transfer to downranking while its extra steady harm. My attention on precast is annoying approximately spike harm.

Know your trash. What mobs are dangerous? Does this pull have mortal strike in it? Pulls with caster mobs have a propensity to place spiky harm into tanks. Even such things as having know-how of what ought to die first could make your lifestyles less complicated as a healer. (Random five mans)

Tank now no longer marking prio objectives? You do it. The quicker that hazard mob dies, the less complicated your lifestyles as a healer. Dont be afraid to suggest/ask for cc if youre having problem on trash.

Dps taking needless dmg isn't always your fault - low precedence heal objectives in case you or tank want heals.

Take mana pots everywhere, which include five mans. Lower model mana pots are damned reasonably-priced those days, WoTLK Classic gold for sale and you may earn that 1 gold for that mana pot quicker than the time you may spend strolling returned from a wipe.

If matters have become honestly hairy, identityentification argue hybrid dps are low precedence heals additionally. In a five guy, if anybody's low identityentification want to suppose they ought to leap in and assist via way of means of at the least recovery themselves so that you can attention elsewhere.

Theres continually extra to analyze, however those are a few off the cuff matters. Feel loose to invite extra questions if youre curious approximately different specifics.