​WoTLK Classic: Let's talk Dungeon Finder


WoTLK is coming soon and it was revealed it would be a separate game from the Dungeon Finder wouldn't be included in WotLK Classic at minimum from the beginning.

I'm interested in hearing the opinions of everyone on this. There have been plenty of discussions on the issue and I've read numerous arguments for and against Dungeon Finder on Classic WotLK.

Dungeon Finder is controversial issue that is of great importance for a large number of people, regardless of whether they're in support or opposed to it. I would like to know whether there is some more positive approach to this issue, which could be offered to the public in blizzard.

There's no way to satisfy everyone however having a conversation on the subject is wonderful method for as many as feasible get heard.

Therefore, I'm asking you to consider this:

What do you think regarding Dungeon Finder not being added to WotLK Classic?

What do you think are the benefits of having DungeonFinder?

What are the disadvantages of using DungeonFinder?

Are you of the opinion that a hybrid solution can be made or even an incomplete Dungeon Finder or completely different solution entirely? What is the best solution, in the event that you could come up with any?

My personal opinion regarding this:

I think that the complete elimination from Dungeon Finder is a excessive approach, and would prefer an approach that is more moderate to this and at minimum, for Blizzard to give more information into the reasoning behind their elimination.

"Who is so intent on taking, has no further to do with what he takes." Michel de Montaigne.

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